Breaking / disposing of an Excel

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Breaking / disposing of an Excel

Post by MickW »

Hi All,

I have a (damaged - Cat 'B') green Excel that had to be 'evicted' from my brother's farm recently, but the difficulty now is that it sits under
my carport where I really want to park my Lotus Elise.
(Sorry if that's swearing - yes, I love more than one!!)

As it is Cat 'B' it can never go back on the road - only good for spares.
If I had more time I would consider using it as a candidate for “cross- breeding” with an old Elite – a way of making one of those early cars
a more reliable “daily driver”. The speedo only reads 26,000 miles!

It took a few visits to convince the scrapyard staff, around 10 years ago, but I acquired an almost complete spare.
(It was minus engine, bonnet, windscreen & steering wheel.)
Its No Plate is C459 LNO. VIN: SCC08912GHD12163

I was thinking of keeping the gearbox for my good Excel because I can tell that's a bit worn now at 70,000 miles.
But that is being "picky" and comparing how it was at 18,000 miles.

I suspect I will have to spend about 3 days solid clearing bracken from the rear of my garage and then pushing the car
right through the garage & into my garden. Am considering removing the body first.

How do you remove the Body from the Chassis?

I'm not sure if much from the body would be of use or worth dismantling. The tan leather has been exposed to the elements.
The remaining glass, rear bumper, lights & boot lid might be it.

The chassis, wheels & drivetrain look ok.

The brake callipers could be reconditioned - something I've paid for once (by Classicar Automotive) & would always recommend.

. . . . . . . . . . . . BUT, if anyone wants the whole thing I would consider selling as it is. All proceeds would go towards getting my
one-owner 70,000 mile silver model back on the road!

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