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I hate the exhaust.

Posted: Sat Oct 09, 2010 20:44
by AndyC
I've had a leak on the exhaust almost ever since I put the engine back in, it must be the faces of the manifold and front pipe not being even. The manifold was fine when it was in the old car. The old manifold on the old engine mated to the front pipe fine. 've tried assemble paste, failed very quickly even after letting it dry/ set. I've used high temp silicone with limited success, it stops most of the leak but not all of it.
I think there's one last attempt tomorrow, I'll go and get some Gun Gum or similar and try that as a gasket paste. If that fails I'll have to take the exhaust front pipe and manifold off and do the right thing and flat them properly (wouldn't hurt anyway as one of the studs is slightly bent.

It's just annoying, I put fresh silicone in there today and all was fine, went for a short run to Sainsbury's, all was fine. Went out to the barn to get a rear spat (dropped off a kerb and damaged one), could only find the wrong side, came home and the exhaust was leaking again. it must be that it's fine until I give it some spirited driving and the pressure in the pipe gets higher. All i want to do is get it through the MOT test so I can do the exhaust properly along with any other fail/ advisories in one go.

Re: I hate the exhaust.

Posted: Sat Oct 09, 2010 22:08
by robertverhey
Mmm fun and games....but sounds like you've tried just about can get the manifold face skimmed to flatten it....or as a temporary measure use two gaskets which is a bit more forgiving of variations in manifold or head face....with lots of sealer paste.

Re: I hate the exhaust.

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 20:04
by AndyC
Well, re-fitted it again today and now I'm leaving it for a few days for the paste (gun gum type item but different brand) to dry.
I cleaned the flange of the exhaust, found a small pip of weld, probably not much of an issue but it's now filed off. I cleaned the surface of the manifold as best I could (without removing studs due to fear of breaking them off), using file and emery paper. I had to re-use the gasket (hadn't got a spare and didn't think a cut one would be as good as one with metal bands for where the pipes are). Smeared both sides of the gasket with the paste, tightened it all up and ran the engine for 10 seconds or so. Hopefully enough to help dry the paste out over the next few days.

Fingers crossed.

Re: I hate the exhaust.

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:29
by terry
This would seem a good place to jump in with the fact that I now have an '86 SE standard exhaust manifold, for sale.
good cond.

Anyone interested? Offers?

PM me, for picture etc.

Terry Bailey