do we have a repository?

General Excel discussions. You may also post Eclat and Elite information here. If there is enough call I will set up new categories or even a new BB for them.

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do we have a repository?

Post by theelanman »

as we cant upload files.........what do we do with the files we find...
that may be useful to the group???

Ive got paint codes and Logos from my research......

I thought it might be good to upload it to the site....but cant see an obvious way of doing it........(I could have missed it tho'

where we can lock away our secrets in the safe and sacred repoistory..........

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Re: do we have a repository?

Post by Hawaiis0 »

Technical Articles is a locked thread for storing vetted data.

This is where I would guess they should go

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Re: do we have a repository?

Post by richardw »

Once our arrangement is in place with Chris Hopper, we'll be able to put info in the Technical Articles section as Stu describes.

Cheers, Richard

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