Usernames, Email Address and Banned IP addresses

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Usernames, Email Address and Banned IP addresses

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Here is a quick reminder about some of the things that you need to be aware of when you are using this board. We try to keep the site free from spammers, links to phishing sites, viruses etc. In an attempt to ensure that we keep our standards up we have some fairly strict rules for new member enrolement.

1) Anyone who tries to sign up with an aol, hotmail, gmail or yahoo email address will not be allowed. If you require to use any of these email providers simply send an email to the administrator from the email address you wish to use and you address will be allowed.

2) Anyone who signs up with a cryptic username that we cannot tie into their email address (eg. ar2000 username is an obvious tie to andyreid@..... email address), is not likely to get approved very quickly as I have to more checking to do to try and work out if the name, email and IP look okay. If you wish to use sexontap or any other such username or your email address starts with something along the lines of ladyboyjohnson, either think again or email the administrator with a good reason why you should use that name or email on this board.

3) if your request comes from an Eastern block address or any Southern Asia address it will be immediately banned, along with the 256 block in which the address falls, if you live in Russia and you have a Lotus Excel, you won't need membership for long I have seen Car Crash Global, but if you do, email the administrator with some convincing evidence.

4) Accounts that are already active but are blocked from some devices. There have been some spam attacks from devices on the BT networks and Vodafone networks, if you find you can login from some devices and banned from others you will need to get the IP address from the banned device by asking google "what is my IP" from that device and sending that IP address to the administrator, if you send it via email (rather than the PM on the site) please include your account name.

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