Exhaust Manifold

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Exhaust Manifold

Post by OUL126R »

Does anyone have a spare/unwanted exhaust manifold from an Elite/Eclat/Excel please, I am restoring a 76 Eclat and my manifold is missing?
I will happily collect or arrange postage from any UK location.

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Re: Exhaust Manifold

Post by Wootan »

Hi Ashley,

I've just found one in the garage I've had kicking about for years. It's from excel se. Yours if you want it. I'm based between York and Leeds. Let me know.

Thanks Paul

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Re: Exhaust Manifold

Post by AndyC »

An SE manifold would mean changing/modifying the downpipe slightly as the flange is angled differently and has the bolt pattern inverted (2 at top and 1 at bottom vs 1 at top and two at bottom).

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Re: Exhaust Manifold

Post by Alan_M »

There’s one on fleabuy at the moment, but only 18 hours left currently no bids and £30.

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lotus-Elite- ... 635-2958-0

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