Elite cam covers

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Elite cam covers

Post by theelanman »

so as the restoration gets nearer to the end.....
Just the little bits to tidy........but.......what colour to do the cam covers
Its a 1978 Elite 501
I assume the cam covers were originally black.......but should I go red crackle finish?......
Thoughts appreciated

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Re: Elite cam covers

Post by Hawaiis0 »

Black is stock.
Red is to traditionally identify a SE HC engine, and so used to elevate a non HC engine appearance for extra blag .
Paint whatever you want, but the most likely retort by cockwombles if going red post completion is "they're not the right colour" .
If you dont mind that, go red - or go with the colour that complements the engine bay paint :)
Freedom of speech.
The red crinkle peels if poorly done :roll: :)

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Re: Elite cam covers

Post by MetBlue »

Black. Definitely Black
- Or maybe I'm just too traditional - :D
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Pete Boole
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Re: Elite cam covers

Post by Pete Boole »

Yep - black, or no paint at all?


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Re: Elite cam covers

Post by Alan_M »

Your car, your choice.

If you don’t want to go black, how about either in some as body or colour that contrasts well with the body colour?

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Re: Elite cam covers

Post by DavidOliver »

Crinkle Black.

Having said that, I admit I have painted Calypso Red the Air Filter and timimg belt guard, I considered
the smooth black a bit ugly, and should some future owner prefer black it is very easy to remove the red.


Dave the cog.

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