Clutch-kit Excel early models

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Clutch-kit Excel early models

Post by Alex_76 »

Good evening all,

Does anyone know which Borg & Beck clutchkit will fit early models Excel (I have an '83 model).

Current pressure plate is Borg & Beck type 8/8,5 (inch?)

Complete sets are very expensive buying from the specialist. But maybe some one knows the cross-ref?


Kind regards,

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Re: Clutch-kit Excel early models

Post by Hawaiis0 »

I'm an auto driver, so of no help. You can surf the search function with key word searches whilst we wait for a manual driver to assist. There is this link to alternative parts. Never used it ... orkF2PcbTI
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Re: Clutch-kit Excel early models

Post by AndyC »

There is no "kit" but you are right that the pressure plate is a standard 8.5 B&B unit. The friction is Toyota based, however I don't think it's an easy item to source. I think I found it's source but it's a truck and I never tried as I don't need one yet. the best option there is to have the friction plate re-lined. Bearing, that's likely rather expensive.

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Re: Clutch-kit Excel early models

Post by Lotus-e-Clan »

Is your clutch currently disassembled?

Often the flywheel is scored too...
Peter K

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Re: Clutch-kit Excel early models

Post by Mr Locust »

Just trying to work this one out. Borg and Beck couldn't help.

Mine is currently on the bench.

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Re: Clutch-kit Excel early models

Post by Alan_M »

Is it worth contacting these guys to see about relining the clutch friction plate. I know Bryan Barker used them to do his handbrake shoes.

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Re: Clutch-kit Excel early models

Post by robertverhey »

I went to an old school clutch and brake place and they rebuilt the pressure plate and supplied a new driven plate which as I recall was from a Toyota Hi-Ace of the same era.
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