Oil Change Advice

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Oil Change Advice

Post by BS6600 »

I've just been advised to change my oils as follows.
Change to cheapest 20/50 and run for 100 miles.
Then change to good oil, filter etc

This surprised me and I wondered if anyone had a strong opinion for or against.

He said synthetic oils on low mileage coat things and the budget oil allows cleaning.
My Excel has 38K miles and does about 500 pa.

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Re: Oil Change Advice

Post by AndyC »

Considering there's quite a bit of oil left in each change (cooler, pipes, cam towers plus what hangs) I'd not want poor (cheap) oil in my engine. If you are doing 500/year and you still need to change it every two years it is 1000 miles, so why not just put a decent oil (something like Valvoline) in and the same oil type next time?
Worth asking oilman from Opie oils

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Re: Oil Change Advice

Post by Alan_M »

As said above. I wouldn’t be adding cheap oil and running it for 20% of your total annual mileage (btw these cars are much better driven regularly).

Valvolene VR1 is a good oil to use.

Also if doing such low mileage then I’d be more concerned about petrol going off, especially if using E10, gumming up carbs etc and increasing chance of rusting tank.

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Re: Oil Change Advice

Post by DavidOliver »

Our engines retain quite a lot of oil when the sump is drained, 1.2 lts or 25%.

If your existing oil is a synthetic then do not use a non-synthentic to flush as you will be left with
25% non-synthetic.
The cam carriers hold back sludge, for a good change it is worth taking the cam covers off, particularly
if you have seeping saddle type covers. Also an opportunity to check valve clearances.
It is easy to drain the oil cooler and pipes, but refill the pipes before reconnecting to reduce start up time.
To go the whole hog, when did you last change the timing belt.
With the belt off you can prime the new oil circuit by spinning the auxiliary shaft (oil pump) before replacing
the belt.
Oil filter must have a non-return valve.
I use Castrol Edge synthetic, not the very thin motorbike grade.

Dave the cog.

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Re: Oil Change Advice

Post by Johnwindwood »

We use Elf 10W 60. Wouldn't use anything else.
Kind regards


John Windwood

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Re: Oil Change Advice

Post by CID »

If the purpose is cleaning the engine you can add an engine flush before changing the oil. But at a normal oil change and driving there should be no oil sludge.


Pete Boole
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Re: Oil Change Advice

Post by Pete Boole »

I think your guy is just wrong. Maybe he is thinking about the effect of running in new engines with synthetic - definitely a no-no. Modern synthetic oils are renowned for NOT leaving sludge etc.. in an engine - they have detergents to help prevent this. Your engine is probably cleaner inside than most that have been run on older style oils. How many miles does the current oil have on it? How old is it? What oil are you using? So long as you make a point of getting the oil properly hot when you do use the car it should be good for at least two years.


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