Cam Carrier leak.

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Re: Cam Carrier leak.

Post by kenmac »

Not lazy at all!! Resourceful!! I think will just clean/monitor it till the better weather(mind you stay in Scotland,so that will be one day in June!).That and the fact my garage is full of my partners sons tools till he gets his garage built! So not a lot of working space round the car,got to breathe in when I get out it so I dont ding the door!!

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Re: Cam Carrier leak.

Post by Pete Boole »

On Lotusbits CNC'd heads all those stud holes are helicoiled. Maybe they get damaged because the cam carriers are on and off so much when sorting the shims? Also on the later engines with bolts instead of studs the bolts are used to tighten against the pressure of the valve springs when only partly treaded into the holes - maybe this makes matters worse?


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