Warning lights

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Warning lights

Post by TrevorK »

I noticed the other day that, when I turned on the ignition, the only warning light that worked was for the choke. Checking showed that the turn signal warning lights and main beam lights were working but no handbrake, ignition or seat belt warning.

Today I took out the dash (I found it useful to loosely refit a couple of screws for the mask so I had somthing to pull the dash out with) and found, through checking with a multimeter and switching bulbs, that all the bulbs were ok. Removing and refitting the handbrake light was enough for it to work but no joy with the others. The handbrake light is getting 12V and the switch on the handbrake is working so, I presume, the earth is bad.

The ignition light is getting 12V with the ignition on but the other side does not connect to earth. The alternator works so I was wondering which is the warning lamp connector to the alternator. Is it the thin wire near the top or does it get its feed from somewhere else?
What car is that?

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