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Contact cleaner/protector

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2020 16:29
by richardw
I've posted in the past that I use Rail Zip 2 as a contact cleaner and protector, so far with excellent results. I picked this tip up from Tim Engel (Esprit2) who uses it on his car. It comes in a very small bottle and now mine is exhausted; unfortunately I can't find any for sale in the UK.

So I've been looking at possible alternatives that will both clean and protect contacts, and some people in the model railway world swear by ATF - specifically Dexron as it won't damage plastic. Fortunately this is what I use for my autobox anyway so I have plenty. TBH the Rail Zip I've been using looks exactly like ATF anyway, so maybe it's the same thing?

Given that I've gone through most of my connectors, relays, fuseboxes, switches and bulbs now, I probably don't need much but will give ATF a try once I've run out.

Cheers, Richard

Re: Contact cleaner/protector

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2020 18:48
at work i use Berner contact cleaner to wash out multi plugs etc, then Berner contact spray (slightly greasy feel) to coat the connectors.