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Post by Cliffords »

I need to get a battery for my car , it did not have one when it came to see what fits .

Tanya say 27 or 75 and I have no dimensions to compare .

Could someone have a look please

Excel 1983 2.2 LC

Thank you very much


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Re: Battery

Post by bash »

Just fitted a Yuasa hsb075 silver from Halfords. Good enough for my v8 so will piss a 912.

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Re: Battery

Post by AndyC »

Another vote for 075, I got mine from Tanya (I purchased a Bosch silver) via eBay as it was cheaper than direct from Tanya's website at the time (think there was a discount code on eBay.

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Re: Battery

Post by Alan_M »

I replaced the 075 for an 027 in my SE when I needed a battery - I believe this is the correct battery as per factory, but an 075 will fit. The main difference is the height of the battery, the 027 being a little taller, this allowed the battery cover to fit better and the 1/4 turn fastener to engage.

The actual battery I bought was a Exide Premium EA640- 64Ah and 640A. Been in the car for 5 years and no issues.

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Re: Battery

Post by Crowman30 »

I have a Bosch Silver in mine,
The dimensions are: Height 19cm , Width 18cm, Length 24cm.
Hope this helps.

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Re: Battery

Post by LotusMonkey »

Running a Varta N72 72Ah 760A in my 1990 Excel SE - no problems to date. Correct dimensions for the well in the boot too. It's an EHB battery, so you'll need your charger to support that kind of charging cycle (though not sure how much of that is marketing), no changes needed in the car though.
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