Non-cancelling Indicators

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Non-cancelling Indicators

Post by DavidOliver »

Does anyone have non-cancelling indicators, that is when the steering wheel returns to straight it doesn`t cancel the indicators.
Mine were like that, I found the small flexible plastic arms that do the job had gone stiff and did not return the indicator switch.
New ones are available from Rimmers at 100 pounds a shot (Triumph spare).
Temporarily, until I have saved up I have strung a rubber band between the arms, a bit Heath Robinson, but it is a Lotus.

Now to Post the Photograph, Inshala

Dave the cog.


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Re: Non-cancelling Indicators

Post by MetBlue »

Congrats on both counts. - solution and posting photo.
You can buy an awful lot of rubber bands for £100 and if it works, whose to know (except us 😁).
What goes together.... Must come apart.

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Re: Non-cancelling Indicators

Post by don.hasi »

Interesting. I am curious which part exactly it will be. Please show it when arrived.


Pete Boole
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Re: Non-cancelling Indicators

Post by Pete Boole »

Thanks for that Dave - I'll double-check mine before I put them back on. It's great that you're able to get photos on here now - quite satisfying isn't it?


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