Replacing front brake discs

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Replacing front brake discs

Post by TrevorK »

I have started to get a vibration under braking so I checked the run-out and thickness of the offside, front disc. It had a run-out of 0.2mm and was less than 0.73" thick, both figures being outside the limits so I need new discs which raises a couple of questions.

1. I removed what I thought was the caliper swing release bolt but the caliper wouldn't budge. As it turned out, I was able to measure the disc thickness where the cut-out in the backplate is at the front but how do you release the caliper to change pads, for example?

2. From the service note I see that the hub has to be removed to remove the discs. When you do this, do the bearing races drop out? Does the oil seal get damaged every time, i.e. should I buy a new seal when I get the discs?

3. I was thinking of getting these discs - ... -2-2-se-sa
Has anyone used them?

What car is that?

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Re: Replacing front brake discs

Post by Excel SA »

Hi Trevor,

I have my whole front suspension, brakes etc. apart at the moment....

1. Not 100% sure about the caliper, but may need to remove it completely to get the pads on and off - someone else can confirm, take note of where all the clips go....

2. The outer bearing will come out, the inner one is held in by the seal. One of my seals was damaged - I don't think it was from removing the hub, probably by the previous fitter....this was the seal size I bought - OS48x62x8 - but haven't fitted them yet.

3. Can't help with the discs - had to get Ford Cortina ones machined to fit as they aren't available here in South Africa!


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Re: Replacing front brake discs

Post by Pete Boole »

There are two caliper slides (on each caliper) - if you have removed them both then it may just be a lip on the disc that is preventing you from removing the caliper itself. Try pushing the piston back in a bit. As Neil says - the outer hub bearing falls out when you remove the hub but the inner is held in by the oil seal - the seal should not be damaged by removing the hub. Make sure you pull the hub off squarely.

I've bought stuff from "Autodoc" in the past - been OK. Not used those actual discs though.


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Re: Replacing front brake discs

Post by robertverhey »

Discs calipers and pads are sourced from Toyota Supra ma61 aren’t they?
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Re: Replacing front brake discs

Post by Hawaiis0 »

robertverhey wrote:
Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:39
Discs calipers and pads are sourced from Toyota super ma61 aren’t they?
MA61 Celica Supra - yes
Umm! What to do next?

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Re: Replacing front brake discs

Post by barker_001 »

The discs are only £28.20 + VAT from SJ Sportscars at the moment, that's what I fitted when I did mine. At least you would be sure of no fit issues.
I didn't have any issues with the wheel bearing seals, it all came apart easily and I just kept it scrupulously clean, adding some fresh grease on reassembly.
What was surprising was how loose the hub nut needed to be set to achieve the correct preload on reassembly - it really is just finger tight (secured with the locking cap and split pin of course!).

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