Which Antifreeze?

Belts, Plugs, Filters, Fuels, Oils, additives etc..... Told you this might morph into servicing and service items.

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Re: Which Antifreeze?

Post by CHRISYD »

ive always used traditional "blue" antifreeze in all cars pre 1990. Bluecol usually but any known brand will do. Usually mixed about 40% anti freeze, 60% water. Change it and flush it every 2 or 3 years with no problems seen or heard!

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Re: Which Antifreeze?

Post by soldave »

This might get me murdered on here, but this blue, non-OAT, ethylene glycol-based coolant is in my Eclat:


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Re: Which Antifreeze?

Post by Pete Boole »

Looks like perfectly good antifreeze :D


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Re: Which Antifreeze?

Post by KevW »

KevW wrote:When I changed my anti-freeze I did so after taking advice from a (very) old school Lotus specialist based near the south coast. Having said that after reading the articles posted here it appears to me the only 100% risk free option is to stick with using the traditional ethylene glycol anti freeze.
After being swayed by the articles re OAT I've flushed my cooling system and refilled with good old 2 year Bluecol. It's a given that Bluecol is compatible with the engine so better safe than sorry.
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