carb balancing

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carb balancing

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Re: carb balancing

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I used an earlier version of this 4 column manometer: ... manometer/
It worked very well for me.
I have no experience of the Gunsons tool.

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Re: carb balancing

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I've used the Gunson kit on Weber 45s. It's frustrating because the "float" bounces around and you have to watch it like a hawk to figure what the real value is, but possible.

I now have one of these:
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Re: carb balancing

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The Carbtune II is excellent ! I highly recommend it.

The Synchrometer works okay, but it's a matter of taking four individual readings as opposed to simultaneously observing all four throat's vacuum readings with the Carbtune. Not a bad second best.

The Uni-Syn works best as wall art.

I have no experience with the Gunson tool, but it strikes me as a more convenient version of the Uni-Syn... but to be fair, I've not tried it.

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Re: carb balancing

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+1 for the Carbtune II, a great piece of kit. And the 89MY Excel has the correct pickoffs for the rubber tubes already fitted. Just remove the rubber "F" pipes fitted as part of your Engine Management System ( :shock: ) and attach the Carbtune pipes. It even has a clip so that it hangs nicely on your bonnet strut.

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Re: carb balancing

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Balancing multi chokes (I have 8 to contend with) is best done by tightening the throttle cable to give a fast idle, about 1500rpm.
When balancing at these revs the carbs/TB's etc will be perfectly balanced.
Aftr this you can do some idle balancing - so long as it is fairly close to give a steady idle, that should do it.
If the intakes are balaced under load you will get better progression.

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