Window Frames

Eclat or Excel parts for sale.

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Re: Window Frames

Post by Sirclip »

swiftcruiser wrote:I have to agree with my colleagues on this thread, don’t know why Angus has chosen to no longer be part of Excel net but for me he has been a stalwart in knowledge, experience comradeship and an excellent ambassador for us Lotus Excel Elite Eclat owners. Perhaps ones of a hope that the situation changes and Angus yet again becomes part of the “family”
Agree with Robert above. I hope that whatever's caused Angus to 'resign' can be addressed and fixed. I'm sure that I speak for 99.99% of people here on this forum in saying that we would want Angus to 'reconnect' , even if he felt that he didn't want an active role as before. Angus - where are yooooo???

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Re: Window Frames

Post by Cappies85Lotus »

I am a new member and as yet do not know who's who but I have recognised that Angus features massively in all sorts of posts that I have seen on the forum.
Every forum needs a character who is a leader, a decision maker and a General - organising the troops. From what I read Angus has been that guy. It would be a shame to loose such a member and perhaps someone who knows him well could have a heart to heart to find out his reasons for leaving and to try and retain his services and if not to smooth the situation over so he is not leaving on untenable terms so that he felt that he could never return anyway.
If he has been the stalwart that many say he should be rewarded for his service to the forum as a gesture of goodwill from the members.
A small contribution from 1700 members would make a very good leaving pressie. I for one would contribute.

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Re: Window Frames

Post by tezzan »

I'm going to add my support to all the others here and say a big "Thank You" to Angus. I'm a junior member here (in forum years if not personal ones), but in the time I've been here, it's very noticeable what a great effort Angus has put in to keeping this place running. In additional to the day-to-day and year-to-year tasks associated with keeping the Excel forum afloat, he's always been there reviewing new threads and providing pointers to newbies.

This forum is a unique and valuable resource for Lotus enthusiasts. I frequently see it referenced elsewhere and always in a very positive light. Its existence and quality is something that I hope Angus can be proud of.

If he has sadly stepped down from the forum, I'd happily support Brian's suggestion and contribute to a leaving present.

Thank you Angus

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Re: Window Frames

Post by P34Fan »

I agree with everything previously said, and would be happy to contribute to a present.

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Re: Window Frames

Post by Zag »

Are there any of these available? I followed the ebay link but nothing was on there.
Had a couple of rust spots on the passenger side, thought I would have a look during the lockdown, turns out they had been badly repaired previously and now have a swiss cheese frame!

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Re: Window Frames

Post by MetBlue »

I may be able to help you. I have a passenger side frame from a 76 series 1 that I'm probably not going to use.
I'll PM you with a few more details.
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Re: Window Frames

Post by Hawaiis0 »

Angus is on the Excel Facebook pages if you need new ones. Lotusbits also have access to the new supply too I believe
Umm! What to do next?

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Re: Window Frames

Post by richardw »

Lotusbits did supply the frames briefly but discontinued them as quality was not adequate, meaning they had to remove and refit at their own expense.


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Re: Window Frames

Post by AndyC »

Which is odd since they were by the original manufacturer using the jigs that I believe were original also. perhaps the factory originally had to adjust lots to get them to fit well.

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Re: Window Frames

Post by Lotus-e-Clan »

AndyC wrote:Which is odd since they were by the original manufacturer using the jigs that I believe were original also. perhaps the factory originally had to adjust lots to get them to fit well.
That's what I was thinking. Everyone on here knows that door building isn't the work of a moment and you'd think that a pro outfit would be able to develop a definitive build sheet to suit short-comings after a few fittings? And who else is making them? :?
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Re: Window Frames

Post by Pete Boole »

You can build an engine in less time than it takes to build a door :lol: :roll:


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