Elite convertible !!!!

Eclat or Excel parts for sale.

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Elite convertible !!!!

Post by Alan_M »

I’m sure this car has featured on here, but can’t find post at the moment.

What’s left of an Elite for sale on Facebook. Not sure there’s much usable on it, but does seem to have all windscreen trim.

https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/it ... 672319254/

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Re: Elite convertible !!!!

Post by MetBlue »

Just needed to search on 'butcher' 😀
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Re: Elite convertible !!!!

Post by TrevorK »

Yes, there were a couple of YouTube videos about it, one where he cut off the roof and a second where he realised it wasn't going to work.
What car is that?

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Re: Elite convertible !!!!

Post by rbgosling »

"You have to take it all not splitting it up." In other words, buyer gets the useful trim, in return for carting the useless chassis, bodyshell and other scrap direct from his yard to the tip. And £250. Which at least is less hopelessly opportunistic than the £1500 he was asking for a year or more ago!
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