Elite S1 centre caps

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Elite S1 centre caps

Post by theelanman »

Hi guys
other than S&J anyone know where else might do these?
Id like one.......but with the same patina my existing 3 have.......rather than shiny and new
or I will need to go for a set of 4.........and they work out about £25 each........and I think thats 'alot'

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Re: Elite S1 centre caps

Post by richardw »

Hi Gareth, I'm sure Lotusbits would have some decent used ones they can sort out for you - or have you already tried them?

Cheers, Richard

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Re: Elite S1 centre caps

Post by Alan_M »

Have you tried Bauke Tocus on the Facebook group?

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Re: Elite S1 centre caps

Post by Don’t Be Foolish »

Hi Gareth,

I am not sure if this would fit:

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-lotu ... Swk2Je4Poz


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