Anti Roll Bar bushes..

The round black things at the bottom. Hope this helps with the where to put posts problem.

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Re: Anti Roll Bar bushes..

Post by Lotus-e-Clan »

MetBlue wrote:
Thu Feb 08, 2024 15:34
Sounds right to me, under braking the roll bar will be forced into the rear of the bush which is what was said, so that's where the solid side of the bush should be.

I'm glad you've posted that. I read last night just before bed time and the grey matter just kept churning. But every time I came to conclusion - split to the front.
The simplest way I could rationalise it was that the wheels are stopping, but the body wants to keep going forward. All connection points of the suspension to chassis are therefore loading the rear most side.

Good job it's not FWD! :lol:
Peter K

Pete Boole
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Re: Anti Roll Bar bushes..

Post by Pete Boole »

I've never seen an anti-roll bar bush split anywhere but in the vertical plane - usually the bit that abuts the chassis (and is usually flat) :D


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Re: Anti Roll Bar bushes..

Post by TonyL »

I still think the split should face the back of the car, because I think the ARB will be pushing against the front section of the bush under braking, although the more I think about it, the less certain I am.

I had a look around the internet. I couldn't find any instructions from anyone that left me thinking, "they definitely know what they're talking about". I found two people recommending, "split to front of car" & five recommending, "split to back".

Split to top (or bottom) sounds like a bad idea to me, because if the ARB is pushing forwards/backwards as a car accelerates/decelerates on a straight, flat road, the ARB isn't doing much, anyway; it's as the car goes around a corner the ARB does its work & the forces are twisting the ARB, meaning it's going to be pushing up into the bush on one side & down on the other.

I saw some bushes with the split at 45 degrees to horizontal/vertical & this seems the best solution to me.

I'll try to remember to ask about this next time I cross paths with someone who works in this field.

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