215/50r15 back in production

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Re: 215/50r15 back in production

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Here in the USA, the Vredestein Sprint+ 215/50ZR15 are available, but the Pirelli's are not. The Car I purchased have Dunlops that look great, but according to the date code they arr 19 years old!

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Re: 215/50r15 back in production

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Just thought about the pictures that I hadn't posted from way back this summer, demonstrating my cheap-ish tyre fitting and balancing gear.
Fitted and balanced all 4 new Toyos in a day taking it slow and easy.

Bead broken and old tyre removed. Rim bead seat cleaned ready for new Toyo 215/45/15.

Still picture of fitting process. Mole grips are NOT tight on rim. They just stop the tyre bead from lifting off at that point. No damage caused.
Fancy tyre lever is extra cost for alloy wheels (about £100 IIRC) prevents damage to rim on removal or when fitting tyre (video link follows)

Link to video. NB filmed with phone in one hand and tyre lever in the other! :oops: Much easier using both hands on tyre lever! :D
Crap Video of One-handed Tyre fitting process!

STATIC Wheel balancer (£90)

Wheel centres automatically on cone

Simple bullseye spirit level. Spirit level looks off-centre, but it isn't ... crap camera angle from above.
Get bubble in the centre with joined weights loose on rim initially. Mark position of joined weights on tyre to transfer this position to inner rim before splitting weights.

Weights split between inner and outer positions (prevents wheel shimmy on the move)
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