Window motor fixed

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Window motor fixed

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As part of my displacement activity between drilling broken seatbelt bolts I took a look at my passenger side window motor. Previously it was the drivers side one (The 'can' and armature can be swapped over) The issue with it was not that it was burnt out but that the magnets are bonded to the inside of the 'can' and the bonding had failed causing the magnets to stick to the armature, this manifested as an ability to move only slightly a step at a time. I had hoped it was the same motor as used in the Range Rover Classic but its not, the pinion is smaller and that is a Bosch part. So the repair was simply to use some JB Weld to bond the magnets back in the case and reassemble, all works perfectly now, so its worth taking the motor apart and checking the magnets are still bonded to the case.
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