Windscreen Top Edge Trim

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Windscreen Top Edge Trim

Post by rbgosling »

I've got the old strip that goes across the top edge of the windsceen, it was removed when the paint was done last year.

It's not useable, but could be used as a pattern if someone wanted to get a new one made or see if there's something else similar that could be used. My painter just filled the gap with sealant.

I'm moving house next Tuesday, so I'm having a clear out. So if anyone wants it, shout now or it's gone.


"Farmer" Richard

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Re: Windscreen Top Edge Trim

Post by Alan_M »

Hi Richard,

This post reminded me I have a source for something very, very close available in the UK. I think there is something exactly the same available in the states.

I will try to remember to post up photos and details later, but basically it’s T section trim used on furniture edging in particular older style arcade games machines.

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Re: Windscreen Top Edge Trim

Post by AndyC »

Here's the stuff that I think is generally used, you'll see it's quite different but as there's such a massive chasm to be filled by sealant it doesn't really matter, it still goes in. Image

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