Driver’s seat back collapse

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Driver’s seat back collapse

Post by Alan_M »

Well I was happily driving along when suddenly instead of looking at the road I was looking at the roof :shock: :shock:

It seems the recline mechanism suddenly gave and now it won’t hold the seat back in position. I plan on stripping this down to see what’s happened - has anyone done this before and have any tips?

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Re: Driver’s seat back collapse

Post by Hawaiis0 »

Think there may be an old thread on it. the actuating pull rod may have snapped or popped out
Umm! What to do next?

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Re: Driver’s seat back collapse

Post by rbgosling »

With care all the upholstery comes off the seats just fine and will go back on again if you remember how it came off! Shouldn't need any special tools.

My problem was a broken bit of frame rather than the recline mechanism, I just got another seat from Lotusbits' big container full of random old seats, and swapped my covers onto the other seat, picking the best of the foams.

When re-fitting the seats I'd strongly recommend replacing the fixing bolts with Allen key (socket head) bolts, much easier to restrain from turning than hex-head, and stainless bolt and nuts.
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