leaky sunroof......replace or remove

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leaky sunroof......replace or remove

Post by theelanman »

I have a 78 S1 Elite......
a previous owner has added a sunroof.....
this roof has now started to leak (Im guessing due to the age of the plastics/rubbers etc)
so.....what do people think......as the car is going to paint soon........
should I put it back how it was?....and remove the aftermarket pop up sunroof......
or should I find someone to refit a new one?.......
Im not that bothered either way but it make the headlining replacement (a la the Nut) a lot easier.......as I wouldn't need to trim a hole......

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Re: leaky sunroof......replace or remove

Post by Lotus-e-Clan »

Get rid of. It devalues the car AFAIC.

The GRP roof will flex if the sunroof is only supported by the GRP panel. Glass sunroofs are heavy. If it's the type of sunroof that is supported by the roll bar or side rails then it might not flex ...but who knows?
Peter K

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Re: leaky sunroof......replace or remove

Post by Hawaiis0 »

seconded to remove and scarf in repair panel
Umm! What to do next?

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Re: leaky sunroof......replace or remove

Post by Gracie »

I concur, mine also had an aftermarket sunroof fitted and it leaked - gone now and all is watertight and just how it should have been

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