Access / visibility to adjust door latch rods

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Access / visibility to adjust door latch rods

Post by AndyC »

How do people get sufficient visibility and access to adjust the rods for the outside door handles?

I had to changer the door shell & frame, so the door shell has now gone back on and is probably in a slightly different place to the old one, as well as it probably being slightly different positioning of the cut-out compared to the old one. When I attempted to use the outside handle, the door wouldn't open. I tried single rod adjustments (turn the rod through 369 degrees) either way, then multiple adjustments, to no avail. So, I think I need to follow the manual and set the rods from scratch.

I just don't seem to have enough space to 1) turn the lock rod through 360 degree with the handle in place, 2) see where the latch mechanism in the activation plate (the plate with the "z" shape in it) so cannot think how I'll even know when the rod mechanism is sitting at the right point shown in the manual.

I know I have shovel-size hands and that probably isn't helping, but child labour isn't really an option so it's going to be me doing this adjustment. How do others manage?

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Re: Access / visibility to adjust door latch rods

Post by MetBlue »

It's a fiddle, but I don't think there are any short cuts. all done by feel if I recall.

I wouldn't expect a beam change or shell change to alter things drastically. The latch will be pretty much on the same place against the hook on the B post, and unless your door lines are way off, the handle can't move relative to the latch by much.
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