Elite 50th Anniversary - Lancaster Insurance support

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Elite 50th Anniversary - Lancaster Insurance support

Post by rbgosling »

Good morning all.

At the NEC Resto Show last month I was approached by Brian Thomas from Lancaster Insurance, with a very open offer - "what can we do for your club?".

My initial thoughts were related to publicity, and maybe sponsorship, of our 50th Anniversary celebrations in some way. However, since our plans post-NEC are still in formation, it wasn't really possible to give him anything concrete to work with there and then. He has followed up that chat with an email, so I have his contact details, so we can pursue this opportunity further.

Other than the 50th Anniversary, does anyone have any other ideas to take up this offer of unspecified help? Lancaster are the headline sponsors of the November NEC show, at which we are planning to exhibit and conclude our celebration year.

Are we happy having a commercial arrangement with a company like Lancaster? I personally am OK with it. We haven't generally in the past had many deals with businesses, but I guess that's just because we haven't pursued them rather than any principled aversion, the only one that comes to mind is Opie Oils who offer a 10% discount to members in return for occasional posts about oil on the forum (not that they've done that for a few years now!). Oh, and the support we had from the Newcastle Lotus dealership, and Lotusbits, for the Croft weekend about a decade ago!
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Re: Elite 50th Anniversary - Lancaster Insurance support

Post by Pete Boole »

How about some help with trying to get some of the "unobtainium" items moving forward? Now Esprits are welcome on the forum how about Marcasite trim? :D :D :wink:


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Re: Elite 50th Anniversary - Lancaster Insurance support

Post by Alan_M »

It would be nice to have some of those flag type banners to help identify our stands at the NEC and other shows where there is a group attending.
They may want their name on there as well, just depends how large they would want their logo.

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