The Winterbottom Run

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The Winterbottom Run

Post by richardw »

This is a placeholder for an idea that a few of us have come up with following the sad loss of Oliver. Originally discussed here:


Hopefully we can add details as time goes on.

The proposal is to hold a run from around the country, the ultimate destination being somewhere Oliver related in Norfolk (maybe the famous pub from which he borrowed a gas mask in which to attend a board meeting at Lotus.) If you don’t know the story, as Oliver would say, “read my book!”

It’s been suggested that we have three rendezvous points - each a decent distance North, West and South of Norwich - from which could proceed in a disorderly manner to the destination.

We should incorporate optional overnight accommodation in order to properly remember Oliver in the spirit he would have wished.

Maybe the first run could be next year to attend his memorial service, If the family decide to hold one.

Then we would hold the run annually to coincide with an appropriate date.

Would love to hear everyone’s ideas and I’ll be talking to his family about it.

Cheers, Richard

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Re: The Winterbottom Run

Post by MetBlue »

Sounds like a plan. I'm in. Be good to see how it develops.
One small point.
. each a decent distance North, West and South of Norwich -
Decent distance north. Qualifies only one car. - Mr Bonds 😊
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Re: The Winterbottom Run

Post by rbgosling »

I'll join the convoy with Tony. Really frustrated I can't make the funeral next week, so it'll be good too have another way to pay our respects.
"Farmer" Richard

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Re: The Winterbottom Run

Post by shaunw »

Sounds like good Idea Richard. I'd be up for that. Ideas wise, tying in a factory visit would be amazing if feesable!


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Re: The Winterbottom Run

Post by barker_001 »

I like the sound of this, would definitely be up for it. A fitting way of commemorating a great designer. Covid restrictions permitting, an overnight stop with an opportunity to toast Oliver would be great.

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