New Owner - Aberdeenshire

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If you are new to the Lotus position introduce yourself here. Please try to keep your the post to your introduction and your initial question/problems to the right formum.

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New Owner - Aberdeenshire

Post by lawsonpaul »

Just become proud owner of 1989 Excel - Calypso Red. Unfortunately it will displace my 1979 MGB GT. Based in Alford, 25 miles west of Aberdeen - any other Excel owners in the area?

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Re: New Owner - Aberdeenshire

Post by barker_001 »

Welcome! :D

As someone said to me when I bought my car last year and introduced myself on the forum:

"She'll make you very happy, and occasionally sad, but you'll always love her... :wink: "

This has proved to be very true...

There are a number of Scottish owners on the forum, no doubt one will look in before long!

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Re: New Owner - Aberdeenshire

Post by ylee coyote »

west lothian ...

but its not quite running yet
(actually the running part is the easy bit !)

its getting an interior refurb at the moment

planned to put it through its mot beginning october

still waiting on bits to complete

funny thing is I have never seen one on the road and running

rare or what !!

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Re: New Owner - Aberdeenshire

Post by alanmoss »

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your car.
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Re: New Owner - Aberdeenshire

Post by amarshall »

Dundee (originally) - but now displaced to Darlington ;-)

I think we have at least two close to Aberdeen and a couple around Inverness ?
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Re: New Owner - Aberdeenshire

Post by htiek »

Fit like?
I haven't been on the forum for a wee while so have only just spotted your post.

There are a few Excels in the area. Our local 'group' includes an immaculate white SE, just a mile or two outside Alford, and a couple of calypso red SE's, one in Aberdeen and mine out in Oldmeldrum. I spotted a blue Excel out Rothienorman way yesterday. In fact I was just about to 'spot' it in the this section when I saw your post.

My best advice is to drive her as often as you can. I use mine almost daily and have had very little trouble.


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Re: New Owner - Aberdeenshire

Post by Highland Lotus »

Mine is broken in a my second home garage getting the head replaced (cam belt failed) in Inch
JD Macdonald good chaps do a lot of work on excels in area

Highland Lotus (Inverness)

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