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Re: New owner

Post by cthomp32 »

MetBlue wrote:
Fri Nov 20, 2020 20:21
That's a real mix of cars / motorbikes for sale in the background Clive.
Was it a dealer who just didn't know what he liked, or a collection being sold off?
It was a commission sale on behalf of an old boy who was reducing the number of cars in his collection of 30+ cars.
The dealer is, really nice people and great place to wander around. They have car events most weekends in normal times.

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Re: New owner

Post by ChrisJ »

Looks great, lovely colour too :D

Make sure that you change the belts if they definitely haven't been changed in the last couple of years.

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Re: New owner

Post by Alan_M »

Welcome to the forum and Excel ownership.

Strangely I can’t see the photo, just the word “image”?

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Re: New owner

Post by MetBlue »

Yes the photo has gone.
I could see it last week, but not now.
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Re: New owner

Post by Lotus-e-Clan »

He's probably moved it from the original directory?
Peter K

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