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by MickW
Mon Aug 14, 2006 16:13
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Topic: Change from early to late radiator mountings
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Change from early to late radiator mountings

Hi, Early Excels could have a problem of hard cornering causing the radiator to leak, due to flexing of the chassis & body. As I'm having to replace the (highly corroded & leaking) radiator on my '84 LC shortly, I would like to update the mounting arrangement to solve this problem. The Lotus advice ...
by MickW
Sun May 14, 2006 22:20
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Topic: Brake Servo?
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Brake Servo?

I would certainly recommend Classicar Automotive. I bought a complete set of recon calipers a couple of years ago when I had braking problems and it solved the problems at a stroke. There was a serious "sponginess" (and worrying extra pedal travel) when I drove the Excel 2 weeks ago but I was amazed...
by MickW
Sun Nov 20, 2005 23:36
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Topic: Upgrade to 4 pot brakes
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Upgrade to 4 pot brakes

Hi Peter,

I'm wondering about the 4 pot upgrade & how much it costs.

My brakes are o.k. just now, but more 'heft' would be welcome for those roundabout occasions when someone decides to pull out in your path.